‘endless rectangle’ | necklace and bracelet 2in1

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Best companion ever! Wear it today as necklace and tomorrow as a braclet. It is your choices……. this apparently endless necklace from wide, rectangular links, offers you – with its two clasps – many varieties how to wear. The extraordenary clasp in form of one rectangular link leaves the impression that the necklace have no beginning and no end. The complete length of necklace is 43cm, you only have to choose the part of the bracelet. It comes in 17,5cm or in 19cm.

An absolute statement piece, you don’t wanna miss.




  • necklace from
    • wide rectangular carabine clasp (approx. 7mm wide)
    • with two clasps
  • clasp looks like a wide rectangular link
  • because of the two clasps you can either wear it at as necklace or braclet
  • 2in1
  • complete length approx. 43cm
  • braclet length optional
    • 17,5 cm or
    • 19 cm
    • to finde the correct length, please add approx. 3cm to the girth of your wrist.
  • material
    • 925 silver or
    • 925 silver with 14k gold plating
  • you can extend your necklace with an extra clasp, ‘link clasp’ (available separately)
  • 14k gold plating all custom made (made to order)
  • please allow some manufracturing time
Additional Information

925 silver, 925 silver with 14k yellow gold plating

length of the bracelet

17,5cm, 19cm