‘just be’ bracelet – moonstone – rectangular

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A fine semiprecious stone on a durable polyster ribbon. You can wear it during your workout, yoga session or during the shower and it will last…

The perfect talisman bracelet you can allways carry with you

With a double knot closure and adjustable in size.

…positive aspects moonstone:

  • ‘stone of new beginnings’
  • linked with a moon and intuition
  • harmonizes female hormones and emotional world
  • balances hormone cycles
  • strengthens intuition, empathy and sensitivity

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  • semiprecious stone
  • moonstone rectangular, polished
  • nude or white
  • the stones vary in size
  • all one of a kind
  • ribbon
    • fade-resistant, fine polyster
  • double knot closure
  • adjustable in size
Additional Information
color of ribbon

nude an nude, nude an neon orange, nude an rosewood, white an glacier gray, white an neon yellow, white an rose, white an rosewood